Intl Dept


Shinji Kusaka
Ryushi Kusaka
Head Office
Hitotsumatsu Bidg.No. 3-15,
Shiba Daimon 2-chome, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 105-0012 Japan
Intel Dept.
Fax +81-3-3437-1906
Fujisawa Factory, Kanagawa, Japan
Fukushima Yamatsuri Factory, Fukushima, Japan
Futtsu Factory, Chiba,Japan
Technical Assistance to
China, Taiwan, Korea,Brazil & India

Export/Import Business with
China, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand,Philippines, Indonesia, India, Australia, Great-Britain, Germany, France, Italy,Spain, S. Africa, USA, Brazil, Argentina


LOGO MARK Kusaka rare metal products Co., Ltd. was established in April 1959 in order to produce and to sell Additive for making ductile cast iron(KC .Spheroflux®) Patent on KC Spheroflux® was obtained in USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Brazil, India, Philippines. Technical transfer on KC Spheroflux® was also carried out to USA in 1969 and Brazil in 1973. KC Spheroflux® attained world-wide position by the export to the many countries, that is, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa, Australia and European countries. After founded by manufacture and sale of KC Spheroflux®, many new products to meet market needs have been developed. Fujisawa main factory was established in 1965, and then instrument sales division, that is, non-destructive inspection instrument, image analysis system and others started in 1977. Farther, manufacture of high purity metal by electron beam melting furnace started at Fukushima-yamatsuri factory in 1987. Chemical products division started at Fujisawa factory in 1998, to offer various rare metal composite oxides used to a ceramic condenser, a battery and others. Functional material R&D Lab. was established to exploit the new business in April 2003. In 2004, the vacuum induction melting furnace was installed at Fujisawa factory to manufacture high purity metal products which are used for the sputtering targets and other functional materials. In 2001, Chemical products division received certificate of ISO9002/1994. The certification was updated to ISO9001/2000 in 2003. Fujisawa factory was also commended by Kanagawa governor's office for blue-chip factory in 2000. Since the foundation in 1959, Kusaka rare metal products Co., Ltd. has been supporting the advanced industries in all ages by offering metal alloy, high purity metal products and fine ceramic products based on metal technology and powder chemistry. We have made up our mind to keep on challenging toward future in order to answer the needs of every industry by polishing up our original material technology and making efforts in the development of new material and new application. We would like to ask customers for continuous patronage.